Un-Identified dead body

Pattambi PS 346/2022on 31.05.2022 Between 00.25 am and 10.05 am an unidentified man about 40 years of age was found dead by hitting a train near the railway track at Pattambi railway station.

Town North 599/2022On 20.06.2022 at 09.30 hrs an unidentified body appox age 70 was found died near at municipal bus stand Palakkad

Shornur 388/2022 On 23.07.22 at 08.35 Hrs, in between Shoranur Railway Station and Karakkad Railway Station at Nedungottur seen a male dead body aged approximate 60-65 years

Ottapalam 467/2022 On 25.07.22 at 06.40 Hrs, a male Unidentified body was found near Mayannur Railway track and approximate age 40 years

Kozhinjampara 440/2022 On 05.07.2022 at 18.00 hrs to 06.07.2022 at 10.00 hrs an unidentified male body appox age 60 was found infront of the tea shop at Manimuthunagar Kozhinjampara

Town North 765/2022 On 05.08-2022 an old man named Govindaraj, aged 72 yrs was found lying at Stadium Bus Stand Palakkad later dead.

Town North 722/2022 On 28-07-2022 at 14.00 hrs, an old man named Chandran, aged 63 yrs was found lying at Palakkad Town Railway Station

Town North 838/2022 On 10.09.2022 at 15.10 hrs an unidentified body was found an unidentified man, aged about 80 years, was found dead near SN Puram

Town North 837/2022 On 10.09.2022 at 14.20 hrs an unidentified body was found an unidentified man, aged about 70 years, was found dead near stadium premises

Kollengode 533/2022 Between 21.15hrs on 16.09.2022 and 03.15hrs on 17.09.2022 a dead body of a male aged beteeen 40 to 50 found at railway track at Kuttipadam, Muthalamada

Walayar 384/2022 On 30.08.2022 at 24.00 hrs an unidentified body (Name - Shibu) aged about 50 years, was found died near lorry shed infront of Malabar cement company

Town North 960/2022 On 05.10.2022 at 16.00 hrs an unidentified male dead body appoximate aged 70 years was found near stadium bus stand premises

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