Chalissery Police Station
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 Sub-Division:  Shornur

Came Into Existence
In 1914 Chalissery Police Station had formed and functioned in Chalissery Village, Chalissery Panchayath which are the boarder of Palakkad, Malappuram and Thrissur Districts which are known as the Areca nut Market. This station placed ½ km west side away from Chalissery Center, and it is connected the Changaramkulam Road which is connected Palakkad and Malappuram District and having road facilities to go to Palakkad District Head Quarters and boundary Head Quarters such as Thrissur District and Malapuram District.
Sri. Kunhiraman Nambiyar was the First Sub Inspector of police in this Police Station and Sri. M. Koyakutty was posted as First Circle Inspector of Police.
Due to the decomposed stage of Old Police Station building, new police station building was inaugurated on 23.7.2006.
Jurisdiction Details
Chalissery Police Station including 4 Panchayath namely, Chalissery, Nagalassery, Thirumittakkode and Half of Kappur Panchayath
Border Police Stations
    North : Thrithala PS
    South : Kunnamkulam PS Thrissur District
    East : Cheruthuruthy PS Thrissur District
    West : Changaramkulam PS Malappuram District
Jurisdictional Courts
    Judicial First Class Magistrate court, Pattambi
    Munsif court, Pattambi
Parliament Constituency
Legislative Assembly
Important Places and Rivers
There are four important Historical centers in Chalissery Police Station limit. The first one is KATTILMADAM which is remnant of half constructed temple. The second one is TIPPU KOTTA placed near Kootanad Juma Musjid, the third one is POOMULLI ARAMTHAMBURAN MANA at Peringode and the forth one is ANCHUMOORTHY TEMPLE Thirumittakkode.
This Historical center is placed at Kattilmadam and 8 km away from Chalissery Police Station. This Shilaphalakam is built on only one Stone and no one known about the Architect of this Silaphalakam. So many History students are coming for visiting the Shilaphalakam.
The Kattilmadam Temple is a small Buddhist monument made of granite. The monument is of great archaeological interest to tourists.The monument was built in the 9th or 10th century C.E.
Thirumittakkode Anchumoorthy Temple
This temple is placed at Thirumittakkode and 10 km away from the East side of Chalissery Police Station. This temple have so many historical importances. Now the Temple is under Archeology Department.
Tippu Kotta(Fort)
This Fort is situating near Koottanad Juma Musjid and 3 km away from Chalissery Police Station. This Fort is built on the period of Tippu Sulthan. It was used for training the soldiers to attack Malabar Areas.
 Poomulli Mana
This Mana is laid at Peringode and 3 km away from Chalissery Police Station. This Mana built during the period of Poomulli Aram Thamburan. Its main importants are Arts, Education and Health purpose and so many tourists are visiting this Mana.
'Mana' means family house of the Namboothiri. Poomully Mana is a Namboothiri family home, having a history of more than 500 years. The members of Poomully Mana were famous as practitioners of ayurveda, kalari, yoga, music and other such performing arts.
Various Projects functioning in Chalissery Police Station
Women Help Desk

This Project is functioning for helping women and children.
This Project is functioning for Senior Citizens and one ASI is deputed for this project
Clean campus and Safe Campus
This project is functioning for students for reducing the crimes among the them. In this project included the presents of social workers, business man, Drivers, teachers and students and also formed School Protection Group.
Important establishments and institutions
Government Offices
    Bsnl Office, Chalissery
    Bsnl Office, Koottanad
    Excise Office, Vavannur
    Govt Homeo Dispensary, Chalissey
    Kseb , Chalissery
    Kseb Office, Koottanad
    Milma Development Office, Koottanad
    Milma Development Office, Vavannur
    Panchayath Office, Chalissery
    Phc Chalissery
    Thrithala Block Office, Koottanad
    Village Office, Chalissery
    Village Office, Chathannur
    Village Office, Koottanad
    Village Office, Vattoli
    Water Authority, Koottanand
    Govt Ayurveda Dispensary, Chalissery
    Avees Hospital Kootanad
    Modern Hospital, Koottanad
    PHC, Chalissery
Educational Institutions
    Aided Hss, Peringode
    Al Ameem English Medium School, Koottanad
    Co-Operative College, Koottanad
    GHSS, Chalissery
    GHSS, Chathannur
    GHSS, Vavannur
    Ig English Medium School, Karukaputhur.
    Karuna Pharmacy, Chathannur
    Royal Dantel College, Chalissery
    Sreepathi Engineering College, Vavannur

Financial Institutions
    Federal Bank, Koottanad
    Punjab National Bank, Karukaputhur
    SBI, Koottanad
    SBT, Chalissery
    Vijaya Bank, Vavannur
Religious Institutions
    Bhagavathy Temple, Amakkavu
    Elavathukkal Temple, Koottanad
    Juma Musjid Karukaputhur
    Juma Musjid Koottanad
    Koyankavu Temple, Vavannur
    Sree Mulayam Parambath Bhagavathy Temple, Chalissery
    St. Augines Church, Chalissery
    St. Yakoba Syranic Church, Chalissery





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