Jagratha Android Mobile Application is an SOS based application which helps people to access the help of Police by a mere button click. The solution comprises of two mobile applications. One for the public and another for the Police staff's
Using the Jagratha Staff Mobile app POI's from various places are taken from each Police Station jurisdiction. Separate login is provided to each police station.
Users can download the application from Play store by typing "Jagratha". During the registration a user should enter the name, address, mobile no and photo. The user can also select 5 no&rsquos where the distress alert should be received.
In the case of an emergency the user can open the application and press the HELP button. The application instantaneously alerts the server and also identify the GPS location of the victim's device. Support request will go as SMS to numbers stored in the friend list. A copy of the same will be send to the control room mobile no also. The server side application cross checks the nearest POI and alerts the corresponding officer of that jurisdiction. The officer's mobile phone will beep/ vibrate as soon as a distress alert comes. On attending a support request, he can see the photo, name, phone no and current location of the victim in Google map. Provision is provided for officer to call back or share the information to his group. After completing a support, the officer should update the action taken report.

Last updated on Saturday 4th of June 2022 PM