Telecommunication Unit

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Police Telecommunication is functioning as per the rules and procedures of Govt. of India Viz wireless and telegraphic act 1932, Radio Procedures and relevant manuals. Since 1956 Kerala Police signal units were used with HF communication. During 1974 it was reconstituted with a staff pattern and named as Kerala Police Telecommunication and extended HF (CW- Morse communication) through the state for District Headquarters and other important stations. In addition to HF communication for the easiness of voice VHF and UHF communication systems have been provided. Since 2003 one modern computer network (Wide area network) communication called COB (communication back bone) using BSNL leased line and KSWAN. In addition to all these communication E mail communication also providing.
Tele Communication sub unit Palakkad is situated at District Police Office annexe building.
Present Strength of Tele sub unit Palakkad.
&bull    Inspector of Police Tele Commn-1
&bull    Sub Inspectors of Police Tele Commn- 7 Nos.
&bull    Asst. Sub Inspector of Police Tele Commn.-1 No
&bull    Senior civil Police Officer Tele Commn. - 8 Nos
&bull    Civil Police Officer Tele commn. - 18 Nos.
&bull    Driver Head Constables -2 Nos.
Wireless communication arrangements with VHF, UHF Sets and its maintenance. COB Node communication using computer network (WAN).All the aspects with respect to the Hardware repair and maintenance of the computers in the District will be the responsibility of the concerned Inspector of Police, Telecommunication.
Kerala police Telecommunication is the backbone of the Police force in the state. The Police Telecommunication wing is the communication and technical wing of the Police Department. Different branches of Kerala police are actively linked 24 * 7 with almost care and due consideration to strategical importance. The head of the Telecommunication sub unit of the District is The Inspector of Police, Telecommunication

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