Pattambi Police Station
 0466 2212224

 Sub-Division:  Shornur

Came Into Existence
This station was opened on 1893. Traffic unit Pattambi was started functioning from 1.4.03 as ordered vide PHQ No.S1- 688497/02 dtd 27.2.03. The station was shifted to the new building constructed by KPHCC on 15.10.03. As per station records Sri.Hrishi Kesavadas was posted as first Circle inspector of police, Pattambi and also Sri K.Achutha menon was posted Sub Inspector of police .
Jurisdiction Details
The 4 villages namely Pattambi, Ongallur, Vallapuzha ,Muthuthala containing the jurisdiction of the Station.
Boarder Police Stations
    Chalissery PS
    Thrithala PS
Jurisdictional Courts
    Judicial First Class Magistrate Court Pattambi
Parliament Constituency
Legislative Assembly
Important Places and Rivers
The Bharathapuzha River is the second longest river in Kerala with a length of 209 kilometers. It is also known as Nila, Kuttipuram Puzha and Ponnaniyar. The river originates in the Annamalai hills located in the Western Ghats region in Tamil Nadu. It flows in the west direction along with the many of its tributaries including the Tirur River through Palakkad Gap, Palakkad, Thrissur and Malappuram districts of Kerala. For the first forty kilometers, Bharathapuzha River flows in the northwards direction till Pollachi. The Kannadippuzha and Kalpathippuza, the tributaries of Bharathapuzha meet at Parli and flows in the west direction as Bharathapuzha River. The Bharathapuzha River then surrenders itself intotheArabianSeaatPonnani. Gayathripuzha River, Kannadipuzha River, Kalpathipuzha River and Thuthapuzha River are the main tributaries of the Bharathapuzha. The Thutapuzha River merges with Nila at Pallippuram making the watersofNilaricherinmineralcontent. The Bharathappuzha is the lifeline of many cities and villages, including Palakkad, Parli, Killikkurussimangalam, Ottappalam, Shoranur, Pattambi, Thrithala, Thiruvegappura, Kudallur, Pallipuram and Kumbidi.
Thutha Puzha
Rayire Nellur Mala
Various projects functioning in Pattambi Police Station
The following programmes are functioning in the station limit as part of Government Policy. A special team under one ASI is formed for the smooth functioning of the below mentioned programmes.
Janmythri Suraksha project
Women Help Desk
Clean Campus Safe Campus
Important establishments and institutions
Government Offices

    Taluk office
    JFMC Court
    Munsif Court
    Sub Treasury
    Water Authority
    Central Orchard,Pattambi
    Railway Station pattambi
    Municipal office
    AEO office
    Pattambi Village Office
    Ongallur I Village office
    KSEB Pattambi
    Ongallur Panchayath office
    PWD Division Office
    BSNL office Pattambi
    Sub Registar office Pattambi
    RARS Pattambi
    Sevana Hospital, Pattambi
    Nila Hospital, Pattambi
    Government Hospittal, Pattambi
    Al Madeena hospital,Vallapuzha
    Primary, Health Centre,Ongallur
    Primary, Health Centre,Muthuthala
    Primary, Health Centre,Vallapuzha
Educational Institutions
    GOVT College Pattambi
    GOVT HS Pattambi
    St. Pouls HS Pattambi
    GLPS Cherukode
    GLPS Chundampatta
    GLPS Kandenkavu
    GLPS Kodumiunda
    SNG LPS Pattambi
    GLSP Perumudiyur
    GW LPS Vallor
    GHSS Pattambi
    Oriental HS, Pattambi
    MES School Pattambi
    MES Women College Pattambi
    Lement College Pattambi
    CJM HS Pattamabi
    ALPS Pattambi
    Mount Hera HS Kondoorkkara
    Co Operative College, Pattambi
Financial Institutions
    SBT Pattambi
    SBI Pattambi
    Federal Bank Pattambi
    Co Operative Bank Pattambi
    Panjab National Bank Pattambi
    Muthoot Finance Pattambi
    Chemmannur Gold Loan Pattambi
    SBT Muthuthala
    Canara Bank, Pattambi
    Ma Ben Nidhi LTD, Pattambi
    Nedungadi Bank, Pattambi
    Indian Overseas Bank Pattambi
    South Indian Bank Pattambi


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