SP (MT) is responsible for servicing/repairs/maintenance of vehicles of the department. In the District/City Armed Reserve or in the Battalions, MT wing under RI/API/APSI attends to the minor repairs/maintenance of vehicles. The major repairs of the vehicles are taken up in the two range workshops (ie. MSP and Central(SAP) which are headed by Dy SP (MT).Police Dept. requires the back up and support of a large fleet of vehicles to have proper mobility. Reaching a spot of disturbance, attending to distress calls, etc. will necessitate proper vehicles. A number of vehicles over the period of time have been inducted to the Kerala Police. At present, the Kerala Police has got a fleet of 402 Buses 1786 Jeeps and 127 Cars etc. Generally the vehicles are available with Local Police (District Police) and with Special Units like CBCID, SBCID, AP Bns etc. Each District is having a distinct MT wing managed professionally. Further there are certain Police Stations located in water logged areas of Alleppey, Kottayam and Ernakulum districts. These Police Stations have been provided with speed boats which generally on the back waters. Now, as a part of the Coastal Security scheme there will be 8 Coastal Police Stations and each Coastal Police Station will be having a fleet of two 12 Ton Boats and one 5 Ton boat, which can operate on the sea.

Last updated on Wednesday 8th of June 2022 AM