Shornur Sub Division

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 Shornur Sub Division Office

Came In To Existence

There is no authentic document available in this office to have either the government order forming the sub division or the date of which it started functioning. It is known that this sub division exists since 1956.

The Sub Division comprises Ottapalam Taluk, Pattambi Taluk and part of Mannarkkad Taluk.
There are 6 Police Stations within this Sub Division. The Police Stations are Ottapalam Police station, Shornur police station, pattambi police station, Thrithala police station, Chalissery police station, Koppam police station,
Boundaries of Shornur Sub Division

  North Side: Malappuram District and Agali Sub Division
  South Side: Thrissur District.
  West Side: Malappuram District.
  East Side: Palakkad Sub Divion

Police Stations in Shornur Sub Division
⦁    Shornur Sub Division
⦁    Ottapalam PS
⦁    Shornur PS
⦁    Pattambi PS
⦁    Thrithala PS
⦁    Chalissery PS
⦁    Koppam PS

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