Nattukal Police Station
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 Sub-Division:  Shornur

Came Into Existence
Nattukal PS Was Charging station til 1912 when at the time of re allocation it was converted into an Out-post .But the events that followed the Mappila rebellion of 1921 necessitated to re convert it into a station on 15.05.1926 . When it was an Out post at the time of rebellion the building was set fire by rebels and after wards it was re constructed. The station is located on the southern side of Mannarkkad perintalmanna road in Thachanattukara Amsam about 16 KM East of Perinthalmanna and 14 KM West of Mannarkkad
New Building of Police Station was opened on 09.04.1999 by Bs Sastry IPS DGP Kerala. Police station is situated in Survey No 261/2 in Thachanattukara Village. Area is 1 acre 79 Cent. 4 LSQ Police quarters is in Station compound
Jurisdiction Details
Nattukal Police Station consists of 3 Panchayaths namely Thachanattukara, Alanallur and Kottopadam
Boarder Police Stations
    North : Melatoor PS Malappuram District
    South : Sreekrishnapuram PS
    East : Mannarkkad PS
    West : Perinthalmanna PS Malappuram District
Jurisdictional Courts
    Judicial First Class Magistrate Court Mannarkkad
    Special court for SC/ST POA Act cases,Mannarkkad
Parliament Constituency
    Ottapalam and Palakkad
Legislative Assembly
    Ottapalam and Mannarkkad
Kannamkundu, Muriyankanni and Arattukadavu are passing through Nattukal PS
Important establishments and institutions
Government Offices

    BSNL Exchange office Nattukal
    BSNL Exchange Office Chethallur
    KSEB Office Alanallur
    BSNL Exchange office Alanallur
    Registar Office Alanallur
    BSNL Exchange office Kottopadam
    BSNL Exchange office Aryambavu
    VFPCK Seeds Collecting Center Alanallur
    PHC Nattukal
    PHC Kottopadam
    CHC Alanallur
    Ayurvedic Hospital Kombam
    Ayurvedic Hospital Alanallur
    Govt Home hospital Alanallur
    Isaph PVT Hospital Alanallur
    Karuna Hospital Alanallur
Educational Institutions
    MES Higher Secondry School Edathanattukara PH:- 9495404549
    Oriental Higher Secondary School, Edathanattukara PH:-9496838147
    Kunudoorkunnu TSNMH Higher Seccondary School PH:- 9447997973
    INIC Higher Secondary School PH:-9946362320
    Alanallur Higher Secondary School PH:-9495671826
    Manikkaparambu High School PH:-9447995711
    Karingallathani Fathima matha School PH:-9447237953
    Kombam Moulana School PH7558937548
    Vadaserry puram High School PH:-949513495
    Alanallur High School PH:-8086403119
    Edathanatukara oriental High School PH:-9447785111
    Kundoorkunnu TSNMH School PH:-8281889357
    Mes High School PH:-04924266237
    INIC High School PH:04924236576
    MLGUMUPS Thachanatukara PH:-04924 237269
    NNNMUP School Chethalloor PH:-04924234526
    GUP School Vadassery puram PH:-0492 4237544
    GUP School Ariyoor PH:-04924 264265
    GUP Schoo Chalava PH:-04924 266032
    PKMHOUPS Edathanatukara PH:- 04924 266079
    AMUPS Edathanattukara, Yatheemkana PH:-04924 266784
    GUP School Bheemanad
    AMLP School Alanallur PH:-04924 262320
    AMLPS Kattukulam PH:-04924 262254
    NSS English Medium School Alanallur PH:-04924 263298
    ALPS Palakazhi 04924 262089
    KMMAMLPS Karkkidamkunnu PH:- 04924 260369
    GLPS Nalloorpulli PH:- 04924 266617
    GLPS Edathanatukara Moochikkal
    AMLPS Vattamannpuram PH:-04924 266335
    ST Thomas LP Uppukulam PH:-04924 266852
    ALPS Ariyoor Nayadipara PH:-
    GLPS Ariyoor
    AMLPS Kodakkad PH:-04924 236895
    GOVT. Mappila School Karingallathani PH:-04924234239
    PTMALPS Nattukal
    AMLPS Chamaparambu PH:-04924 236640
    GOVT LP School Thachanattukara PH:-04924 236606
    PNNMALPS Annanthodi
    Krishnan LP School
    GLPS Chundottukunnu PH:-04924 266603
Financial Institutions
    Service Co-operative Bank- Aryambavu
    Vijaya Bank Karingallathani
    Service co-operative Bank Chethallur
    Service Co-operative Bank Unnial
    SBT Alanallur
    SBI Edathanattukara
    Palakkad District Co- Operative Bank Alanallur
    Service Co-operative Bank Chethallur
Religious Institutions
    Alanallur Ayappankavu
    Chethallur Panakurssikavu
    Aryanambi temple Aryambavu
    Karumanappankavu Kodiyankunnu
    Vellelakunnu Bagavathi Temple Bheemanad
    ST Williams Church Ponpara
    Kristhuraj Church Mundalakkad
    St Joseph Church Alanallur
    Nattukal Makham
    Dharul salam Jumma masjid Edathanattukara
    Aryambavu Jummamazjid
    Kottopadam Jumamzjid

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