Kozhinjampara Police Station
 04923 - 272224  shokozparapkd.pol@kerala.gov.in

 Sub-Division:  Palakkad

Came Into Existence
Kozhinjanpara Police Station established in 08.07.1947 Vide GO No. DIS 46208/22-DPO Ref A-3/1084/22. Kozhinjampara Police station is situated In Pallakkad District, Chittur Taluk, Valiyavallampathy Village.
Jurisdiction Details
Kozhinjanpara Police Station including 4 Panchayath namely, Kozhinjampara, Eruthenpathy, Nallepilly and Vadakarapathy Pachayath.

Boarder Police Stations
    North : Walayar PS
    South : Meenakshipuram PS
    East : Kinathukadavu PS, Tamilnadu
    West : Chittur PS
Courts having Jurisdiction
    Judicial First Class Magistrate Court, Chittur
    Munsif Court, Chittur
Parliament Constituency
Legislative Assembly
Important Places and Rivers
In Kozhinjampara Police station limit various rivers are passing through the cultivated areas the important river is Korayar Puzha.
Multipurpose Schemes & Project of the Station
Janamaithri Project:In Kozhinjampara Police station the Janamaithri project start from 2012. In Kozhinjampara Panchayath there are 5 wards Janamaithri project were implemented, in Vadakarapathy Panchayath there are 12 wards Janamaithri project were implemented, in Eruthenpathy Panchayath there are 5 wards Janamaithri project were implemented. Toal 22 wards Janamaithri project were impliemented in Kozhinjampara PS in various panchayath. In this project 2 beats are for ST colonies.The CRO is the leader ship of the Janamaithri project. In each beats there are one beat officer and one asst. beat officer are working in proper way.
Women Help Desk :In Kozhinjampara Police station Women help desk is helpful for the women and children.
CARE:In Kozhinjampara Police station helpful for the senior citizens residing the station limits
Clean Campus Safe Campus :In Kozhinjampara Police station in various schools Clean campus safe campus project have been started and various awareness classes have been conducted to the school students about the consumption of drugs and Alchahol, Traffic awareness classes.
Important Establishments And Institutions
Government Offices
    Block Office, Nattukal
    KSEB Office, Nattukal
    Panchayath Office, Kozhinjampara
    Panchayath Office, Vadakarapathy
    Panchayath Office, Eruthenpathy
    Village Offices ( Valiyavallampathy, Kozhinjampara, Eruthenpathy, Ozhalapathy, Vadakarapathy, Nallepilly)
    KSD Seed Farm, Eruthenpathy
    AE Office, Kozhinjampara
    PED (B & R) Office, Kozhinjampara
    Kuriarkutty & Karappara AE Office, Kozhinjampara, Athicode
    Sub Registar Office, Karuvappara
    Post Offices (Kozhinjampara, Eruthenpathy, Vadakarapathy, Menonpara, R.V. Pudur, Vannamada)
    Krishbhavan Offices (Kozhinjampara, Eruthenpathy, Vadakarapathy)
    Telephone Exchanges (Kozhinjampara, Velanthavalam)
    A.L.O. Office, Kozhipara
    Sales Tax Check Posts (Velanthavalam, Gopalapuram, Ozhalapathy, Nadupuni,         Athikkode,        Valara, Menonpara)
    R.T.O. Check Posts (Gopalapuram, Chunnambukalthode, Parisikkal)
    Excise Check Posts (Velanthavala, Kaikatty, Ozhalapahty, Gopalapuram)
    Vetenary Check Posts (Karimannu, Parisikkal)
    KSBC, Neelamkachi, Kozhinjampara
    Govt. Hospital, Kozhinjampara
    Muthu Hospital, Kozhinjampra
    Ahalya Hospital, Kozhipara
    Primary Health Centre, Vannamada
    Athani Hospital, Nattukal
Educational Institutions
    Govt. Arts & Science College, Nattukal
    Govt. U.P. School, Kozhinjampara
    St. Pauls School, Kozhinjampara
    St. Martins Annoos Convent, Athikkode
    Seventh Day & Ventist L.P. School, Ozhalapathy
    AUP School, Appapulliyoor
    AUP School, Eruthenpathy
    St. Fransis Sevior Vocassional Higher Secondary School, Parisikkal
    ALP School, Chunnambukkalthode
    ALP School, Ozhalapathy
    ALP School, Attayampathy
    ALP School, Villoonni
    Sreevidhya Vocational Higher Secondary School, Eruthenpathy
    Bhagavathy Higher Secondary School, Vannamada.
Financial Institutions
    SBT, Kozhinjampara
    South Indian Bank, Kozhinjampara
    Canara Bank, Kozhinjampara
    Co-operative Bank, Kozhinjampara
    Canara Banks (Vannamada, Velanthavalam)
Religious Institutions
    Menonpara Sree Krishna Temple
    Eruthenpathy Church, Eruthenpathy
    Parisikkal Church, Parisikkal
    Pazhaniyarpalayam Church, Pazhaniyarpalayam
    Holly Cross Church, Menonpara
    Eruthenpathy Church, Eruthenpathy
    Christhu Arasar Alayam, Chorappara
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid Mosque, Pallitheruvu, Kozhinjampara
    Noorhidha Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Pollachi Road, Kozhinjampara
    Henfi Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Athikkode.
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Karuvapara
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Pazhaniyarpalayam
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Menonpara
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Kozhipara
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Velanthavalam
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Anipoor
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Vannamada
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Kumaranoor
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid, Mosque R.V.Pudur
    Sunnath Jumah Mazjid, Mosque Moolakada.


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