Chittur Sub Division
 Chittur Sub Division Office

Came In To Existence
Chittur Sub Division came into existence on 18.02.2021 vide GO(Ms) 49/2021 Home dated 17.02.2021 &. GO(Ms) 35/2021 Home dated 10.02.2021 by combining Chittur, Kozhinjampara and Meenakshipuram Police stations from Palakkad Sub Division and Pudunagaram, Kollengode, Parambikkulam Police stations from Alathur Sub Division. The major part of the population is agrarian. Paddy, Coco-Nut, Pee Nut, Mango and vegetable are the main crops of this area. Besides this coco, nut mugs etc are also cultivated. Famous Muthalamada Mango City and Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary are situated in this Sub Division. The sub Division is also blessed with many reservoirs like Moolathara, Meenkara, Kambalathara, Venkalakkayam, Thoonakkadavu, Parivaripallam, Parambikkulam and Chulliyar. Bharahappuzha, the second-largest River of Kerala entering into Kerala through this Sub Division.
The Sub Division situated on the eastern side of Palakkad District and it contains major portions of Palakkad Gap. Chittur Sub Division shares its border with Tamil Nadu state and has 7 major and 5 satellite check posts are located in 3 State High Ways and other border roads. These state Highways connect the main pilgrimage centres of Tamil Nadu like &ndash Palani Murugan Temple, Madurai Meenakshi Temple and Velankanni Church of Tamil Nadu.

Municipalities- Chittur- Thathamangalam Municipality
  Nallepilly
  Polpully
  Kozhinjampara
  Vadakarapathy
  Eruthempathy
  Pattenchery
  Perumatty
  Pudunagaram
  Peruvemba
  Koduvayur
  Vadavannur
  Pallassena
  Kollengode
  Elevanchery
  Muthalamada

There are 6 Police Stations within this Sub Division. The Police Stations are Chittur Police station, Kozinjampara police station, Meenakshipuram police station, Pudunagaram police station, Kollengode police station, Parambikulam police station,

Boundaries of Shornur Sub Division
  East:Anamalai Subdivision- Tamil Nadu
  West:Alathur Sub Division
  North:Palakkad Sub Division
  South:Alathur Sub Division

Police Stations in Shornur Sub Division
⦁    Chittur Sub Division
⦁    Chittur PS
⦁    Kozinjampara PS
⦁    Meenakshipuram PS
⦁    Pudunagaram PS
⦁    Kollengode PS
⦁    Parambikulam PS

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