District Police Office, Palakkad

Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
AUCTION No. B1-24966/2022/KAP-II Auction Notice 04-03-2023 Download
AUCTION No. E3-13573/2023/P Auction Notice 15-02-2023 Download
AUCTION No. D2-4871/2023/P Auction 20-01-2023 Download
AUCTION No. D2-65885/2022/P Auction Notice 27-08-2022 Download
AUCTION No.07/Addl.SP/PKD/2021 Auction Notice 23-08-2022 Download
AUCTION No. D2-61863/2022/P Auction Notice 19-08-2022 Download
AUCTION No. G2(a)-86544/2021/P Auction Notice 10-08-2022 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE No. G2(a)-30352/2022/P Auction notice 29-07-2022 Download
AUCTION No. D2-52710/2022/P Auction Notice 13-07-2022 Download
AUCTION No.07/Addl.SP/PKD/2021 Auction Notice 08-07-2022 Download
AUCTION No 07/Addl.SP/PKD/2021 Auction Notice 05-07-2022 Download
AUCTION No. D2-46599/2022/P Auction notice of Vehicles. 21-06-2022 Download
PROCLAMATION D2-18129/2021/P Proclamation of 81 unclaimed vehicles in various Police Stations in Palakkad District 05-03-2021 Download
PROCLAMATION Statements_D2-18129/2021/P-496 Proclamation of Unclaimed Vehicle in Palakkad District 03-03-2021 Download
PROCLAMATION Statements_D2-6774/2021/P-335 Proclamation of Unclaimed Vehicle 23-01-2021 Download
Last updated on Thursday 9th of March 2023