Chittur Police Station
04923-222338 & 9188722338

 Sub-Division:  Palakkad

Came Into Existence
Chittur police station is functioning from 18.06.1958 as GO MS 730/Home date 17.06.1958 by declare the building No:01/148(portion of Chittur Taluk Office Building)annexed with effect from 18.6.1958.
Chittur Police station is now functioning at Kacherimedu ward No :01/269 of Chittur-Thathamangalam municipality.This office is about 15 Km east from District Police Office Palakkad.
A new police station has been established at Meenakshipuram bifurcating there of Chittur,Pudunagaram ,Kollengode PS as per Go (RT) No: 889/15 home dtd 10.04.2015.
Jurisdiction Details
Chittur Police Station consists of Chittur- Thathamangalam Municipality-(Ward 1 to 24) Polpulli Grama Panchayath Nalleppilly Grama Panchayath (Except Ward 1 to 4 ) Kozhinjampara Grama Panchayath (Ward No.10, 11) Pattancheri Grama Panchayath (Ward 1,2,3&16)
Boarder Police Stations
    North : Kasaba PS
    South : MeenakshipuramS PS
    East : Kozhinjanpara PS
    West : Pudunagaram PS.
Courts having Jurisdiction
    Judicial First Class Magistrate- Chittur
    Sub Divisional Magistrate Court Palakkad
Parliament Constituency
Legislative Assembly
Various projects functioning at chittur Police station
Janamythri Project
Janamythri suraksha project was implemented in chittur police station in the 3rd Phase D Batch on 01.03.2013 Janamytri suraksha project was Functioning in Chittur &ndash Thathamangalam Munipal area the 29 Ward was divided in to 8 JM Beats. All the instructions and programs from the superiors were implemented in the Beat area properly.
Students Police Cadet
SPC projected started at SMHS Thathamangalam, wide Order No G.O.R.T No 2327/2013/Home Dated 23.08.2013 , State plane Scheme 2013-14.there are 88 Cadets were selected in the project. as per program schedule the project is functioning very way.
Senior citizen Help desk
CARE Project was functioning in Chittur police Station as per PHQ Circular . 16/2010 . There was Senior citizens Helpdesk functioning in chittur police station and &lsquoRegister for Seiner Citizens&rsquo was Maintained in the station and details of 61 members were entered in register properly. All the instructions and programs from the superiors were implemented in the CARE Project properly.
Clean Campus Safe Campus
As per govt Order the project were implemented in the following Schools and School level monitoring Committee were formed .
    Govt THSS, Chittur.
    GVGHSS, Chittur.
    GBHSS, Chittur.
    SMHSS, Thatahamangalam.
    Panchayath HS, Choorikkad, Polpully.
    Panchayath HS, Meenakshipuram.
    Padasala HS, Thekkegramam.
    SKHS, Nallepilly.
    Vijayamatha HSS, Ambattupalayam.
    Chinmaya HS, Thathamangalam
Important Establishments And Institutions
Government Offices
    Taluk office Chittur Kacherimedu
    Taluk Supply Office Chittur Chittur Market Complex
    JFCM Court Kacherimedu
    Munsiff Court Kacherimedu
    Sale Tax Office Kacherimedu
    Registrar Office Kacherimedu
    Agricultural Income Tax Office Kacherimedu
    Excise Range Office Kacherimedu
    Sub Treasury Kacherimedu
    Govt. taluk Hospital Annampully
    Assist Educational Office Kadambidi
    Ex. Engineer Office KSEB Annampully
    Taluk Welfare Office
    Asst. Labour Office Thekkegramam
    Tribal Development Office Vadakkathara
    ICDC Office Anikode
    Central Excies Anikode
    Taluk Industrial Office Anikode
    Chittur &ndash Thathamangalam Municipal Office Ambattupalayam
    Ex.Engineer, Chittur Puzha Chittur Puzhapalam
    Fire Station Chittur Puzhapalam
    KSRTC Bus Station Chittur Puzhapalam
    PWD Road Division Chittur Puzhapalam
    Vetinery Hospittal Chittur Puzhapalam
    PHED Ex. Engineer Office Chittur Town
    CI&rsquos Office Annmpully
    Chittur PS Annmpully
    Asst Rejistrar of Co-Op- Society Cheriyakavu
    Employment Exchange Market Complex
    Excise Circle Office Near Gov. College Chittur
    K.S.F.E Anikode
    Taluk Hospital -Chittur
    Govt Ayurveda Hospital.TTM
    PHC Nallepilly
    PHC Polpully
Educational Institutions
    Govt College Chittur
    Co-Op College Chittur
    GBGHSS Chittur
    GVGHSS Anikode
    Technical High School-Chittur
    Sree Narayana Higher Secondary School-Nalleppilly
    SMHSS- Thathamangalam
    Panchayath HS Choorikode-Polpully
    Panchayath HS &ndashMeenakshipuram
    Padasala HS-Thekkegramam
    Vijayamatha HS &ndashAmbattupalayam
    Chinmaya HS-Thathamangalam
    GUPS Nalleppilly
    GUPS Chittur
    GLPS Nalleppilly
    GLPS Chittur
    GLPS Manchira
    GLPS KK Pathy
    GLPS Nellimedu
    GUPS Meenakshipuram
    SVUPS Polpully
    BEMLPS Panayur
    GLPS Ambattupalayam
    AUPS Thekkegramam
    Ayyappa K K Pathy
    AMLPS Kuttipallam
    GLPS Panniperunthala
    Shalom Residential School Kosathara
    Saraswathy Vidhyalayam Nallepilly
    Govt. SM LPS Chumbichira
Financial Institutions
    SBT Chittur
    SBI Chittur
    Canara bank Chittur
    Canara Bank Meenakshipuram
    Federal bank Chittur
    Service Co-operative bank Chittur
    Service Co-operative bank Athikode
    Service Co-operative bank Polpully
    Service Co-operative bank Nallepilly
    Service Co-operative bank Moolathara
    Service Co-operative bank Thathamangalam
    Rural Credit Society Thathamangalam
    Palakkad Dist Co-Operative bank Chittur.
    SBT Nalleppilly
    SIB Nallepilly
    SIB Thathamangalam
    SIB Chittur
    Bank of India Polpully
    Catholic Syrian Bank Chittur
    Catholic Syrian Bank thathamangalam
    Dhanalakshmi Bank Chittur
    Panjab National Bank Chittur
    Syndicate Bank Thathamangalam
    Grameen Bank Pallimokku
Religious Institutions
    ChitturKavu, Pazhayannurkavu
    Subhramanya kshethram, Chittur, Nalleppilly,Thathamangalam
    Vettakaruppuswamy Skethram Thathamangalam

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