Agali Sub Division


Came Into Existence

Agali Police Sub Division came in to existence, 1) As per GO (Rt) No. 82/03/Home dated 15/01/03 the headquarters of Special Mobile Squad Unit, Palakkad has been shifted to Agali. 2) As per GO (Rt) No. 86/2003/Home dated 15/01/2003 V. Chandran, Deputy Superintendent of Police posted as Deputy Superintendent of Police, Special Mobile Squad Unit, Agali and taken the charge on 03/02/2003 F.N. 3) As per Order No. D1  3811/03 dated 07/02/03 District Collector, Palakkad, AVIP Building No. VI/A1 was allotted for Special Mobile Squad Office Agali as rented basis. 4) Building No. VI/A1 has been occupied for functioning of Special Mobile Squad Office on 09/02/03 FN as per Order No. D1/3811/03 FN as per order No. D1/3811/03 of 07/02/03 of District Collector, Palakkad.Now SMS unit & Agali Sub-Division is functioning in Agali Police station Complex From 22/04/13

Investigation of PCR Act cases and SC/ST (PA) Act cases re-distribution of work. As per order No. G6/21855/98/P dated 20/06/1998 of Superintendent of Police, Palakkad in obedience to the instructions of Inspector General of Police, North Zone, Kozhikkode, on his visit of Narcotic Cell Unit, Palakkad on 09/03/98 the jurisdiction of Special Mobile Squad is re-distributed and limited to 9 Police Stations, namely Palakkad Town South, Town North, Mankara, Chittoor, Kozhinjampara, Mannarkkad, Nattukal, Agali and Sholayur.
As per order No.918/DCRB/2011 dated 29/07/2011of DPC Palakkad, due to huge pending of PoA Act cases in the Agali Sub Division, it has re-assigned that the cases reported under section PCR act will only be investigated by DySP SMS & Agali Sub Division. Further the SDPOs concerned will take up investigation of SC/ST PoA Act cases reported from their jurisdiction in future.
There are 2 Police Stations comes under Agali Police Sub Division . The Police Stations are Agali Police station and Sholayur police station


⦁    North- Nilgiri Dist. Tamilnadu
⦁    East - Coimbatore Dist. Tamilnadu
⦁    South &ndash Mannarkkad
⦁    West- Malappuram Dist & Mannarkkad

Police Stations in Agali Sub Divion

Agali Sub Division

Agali PS

Sholayur PS

Pudur PS

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