Meenakshipuram Police Station
 04923 234100 p>

 Sub-Division:  Palakkad

Came Into Existence
Meenakshipuram Police Out Post has been upgraded as Meenakshipuram Police Station vide GO (Ms) 82/2013 Home TVPM Dated: 26.03.2013 and started functioning at Meenakshipuram on 06.05.2015 in a rented building owned by Moolathara Ksheerlpadaka Sangham situated in Moolathara Village, Perumatti Grama Panchayath, Chittur Taluk.
Jurisdiction Details
The 4 Panchayaths namely Perumatti, Pattanchery, Kozhinjanpara and Muthalamada condaining the jurisdiction of the Station.
Boarder Police Stations
    North : Kozhinjanpara PS and Chittur PS
    South : Anamala PS Pollachi west PS and Kollengode pS
    East : Anamala PS Pollachi west PS
    West : Pudunagaram P.S and Kollenkode P.S
Jurisdictional Courts
    Judicial First Class Magistrate Court Chittur
Parliament Constituency
Legislative Assembly
Important establishments and institutions
Government Offices

    Sales Tax Check Post
    RTO Check Post
    Excise Check Post
    Forest Check Post
    Sales Tax Check Post
    Animal Husbandry
    Irrigation Office, Moolathara
    Vettinary Hospital, Meenakshipuram
    Post Office &ndash Vandithavalam
    Post Office &ndash Meenakshipuram
    BSNL Office &ndash Vandithavalam
    BSNL Office &ndash Meenakshipuram
    CHC Nanniyyode, Pattanchery
    PHC Nellimedu, Pattanchery
    Karuna Medical College, Vilayodi
Educational Institutions
    Govt: LP School Meenakshipuram
    Govt: High School Meenakshipuram ( RMSA GHS)
    Govt LP School Nellimed
    Govt Higher Secondary School Kannimari
    Govt: LP School Kalyanapetta
    Govt: High School Nanniyod
    KK MHS Vandithavalam
    KK M Higher Secondary School Vandithavalam
    Govt LP School Parakkalam
    Sankaranarayana UP School Vilayody
Financial Institutions
    Canara Bank Meenakshipuram
    SBI Meenakshipuram
    Moolathara Service Co-operative Bank Meenakshipuram
    Moolathara Service Co-operative Bank Kannimari Branch
    Pattanchery Service Co-operative Bank Nanniyod Branch
    Perumatty Service Co-operative Bank Vandithavalam
    South Indian Bank Vandithavalam
    South Indian Bank ATM Vandithavalam
    PDC Bank Vandithavalam branch
    Moothoot Fincorp Vandithavalam
    SBI ATM Vandithavalam
    Kosamattom Finance Vandithavalam
Religious Institutions
    Ayyappankavu, Vandithavalam
    Subramanya Temple, Nanniyode
    Mariyamman Temple, Vilayodi
    Ramarpanna, Meenakshipuram

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