Mannarkkad Sub Division


Came In To Existence

As per the Vide GO. 35/2021 Home On 08.02.2021 new subdivision formed as a Mannarkkad subdivision. On 18.02.2021 subdivision came into existence. The New Subdivision office started functioning at the old CI office building at Mannarkkad Police station Compound having Number XI/799 in Mannarkkad Municipality


The area of the subdivision comprised part of Mannarkkad, Palakkad and Ottapalam Taluk. Mannarkkad sub Division share boundary with Palakkad Subdivision, Agali Subdivision and shoranur Subdivision in Palakkad district and Perinthalmanna Sub Division in Malapuram district.

There are 6 Police Stations and 1 Traffic Enforcement Unit within this Sub Division. Mannarkkad Police station, Nattukal police station, Cherpulaserry police station, Sreekrishnapuram police station, Kongad police station, Kalladikode police station, Mannarkkad Traffic police station,

Boundaries of Mannarkkad Sub Division

  East:Panniyampadam
  West:Karingallathani-Malapuram District
  North:Kadamboor
  South:Anamooli

Police Stations in Mannarkkad Sub Division
⦁    Mannarkkad Sub Division
⦁    Mannarkkad PS
⦁    Nattukal PS
⦁    Cherpulaserry PS
⦁    Sreekrishnapuram PS
⦁    Kongad PS
⦁    Kalladikkod PS
⦁    Mannarkkad Traffic Enforcement Unit

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