Chittur Circle

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Came into existence

The circle was formed on 01.01.1970 vide GO. NO. 380/69 date 30.12.1969 with five police stations namely Chittur, Kozhinjamapra, Pudunagaram, Parambikulam and Kollengode. In the beginning the circle contains entire Chittur taluk limits as its jurisdiction except Nemmara police station limit. Later on 29.10. 1986 Nemmara circle was formed by bifurcating this circle vide GO (RT) 2099/1986 Home dtd 25.07.1986, Kollengode and Prambikulam stations are transferred to Nemmara Circle. Thereafter Pudungaram police station was transferred to Kuzhlmannam circle while it formed as per GOMS(RT)27/1994 Home dated 24.02.1994. Recently a new police station was formed namely Meenakshipuram by upgrading one of the outpost in the Chittur police station on 06.05.16 vide GO (MS) 82/2013 Home dated 26.03.2016. At present there are three police Sstations under this circle. i.e. Chittur, Kozhnijampara and Meenakshipuram.

Jurisdiction details

The circle was located on south east side of the Palakkad District head quarter and it occupy major portion of “Palghat gap” in the Western Ghats. Now there are three police stations under this circle namely Chittur, Kozhinjampara and Meenakshipuram. 5 major and some other minor interstate check posts are situated in the station and state border. The circle contains approximately 305.70 square kilo meter as its area of operation which also cover more than 16 villages. Around 40 kilometers of its boundaries are share with our neighboring state Tamil Nadu as well as its share limits with adjacent circles in the district namely Kollengode, Kuzhalmannam, Kasaba and town south.

Chittur circle Comprises 3 Police Stations

Police Stations are

Chittur ps, Kozhinjampara ps, Meenakshipuram ps

  • Chittur circle
    • Chittur ps
    • Kozhinjampara ps
    • Meenakshipuram ps

Boarder details

  • East: Chavadi PS, Vadkkipalyam PS and Aanamala PS of Tamil Nadu.
  • West: Kollengode PS and Pudungaram PS of Alathur Sub Division.
  • South: Anamala of Tamil Nadu and Kollengode PS.
  • North: Town South PS, Kasaba PS of Palakkad Sub division
  • Loksabha and Legislative constituency

    • Alathur - Loksabha Constituency
    • Chittur and part of Nemmara are the Legislative Assemblies