Important Orders - 2019

Order No. Subject Date
G.O.(P) No.41/2019/Home Declaring Building No. 746, Ward No.XI,Sy No.230/ll, Perumatti Grama Panchayath,Moolathara Village,Chittur Taluk, Palakkad District as " Meenakshipuram Police Station", 14/10/2019
A8-132065/2019/PHQ Posting of Complaints Redressal Officers (CROs) in districts on complaints of subordinates 28/09/2019
No.236/Camp/2019 Formation of "Service Grievances Cell" in District POlice Office, Palakkad 17/08/2019
Circular No.12/2019 GENERAL PROVIDENT FUND(KERALA RULES)- Revision of the Upper Monetary limit for various categories of sanctioning Authorities for sanctioning NRA/Conversion of TA to NRA- order specifying the DDOs in police Department 04/06/2019
Erratum to Executive Directive No. 07/2019 Duties and responsibilities of newly designated Addl. SPs / Addl. DCPs 25/04/2019
Executive Directive No : 07/2019 Duties and responsibilities of newly designated Addl. SPs / Addl. DCPs 28/03/2019
S2-18825/2019/PHO Improving Cyber Capabilities of Keraia Police― Year 2019 declared as` Cyber Po icing Year′ 21/03/2019
No.SR(a)/134922/2018/PHQ Functionalization of Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Kochi 01/03/2019
DGO NO 136-2019 Transfer and posting of Police personnel in Railway PS Kannur, Railway PS Thrissur, Railway PS Parassala & Railway PS Palakkad 08/02/2019
S1(a)-65534/2018/PHQ Addl. SP in City Police District - Named as 'Addl. Deputy Commissioner of Police' 02/02/2019
G7-89120/2018 KPW & A Board of committee members for the year 2019 constituted 30/01/2019
G1(a)-5909/2019 Formation of Election Cells in connection with Lok Sabha Election -2019 29/01/2019
J1-70300/2018/PHQ 67th B.N Mullik Memorial All India Police Football Championship-2018 21/01/2019
U6-5182/2019-PHQ The Keiala Prevention of Damage to Private Property and Payment of Compensation ordinance,.2019(ordinance No.5 of 20l9) promulgated 14/01/2019
J1-177656_2018_PHQ-861 Grant of Scholarship out of Police Memorial Fund for the academic Year 2018-19 07/12/2018