Thrithala Police Station

04662 272004

Sub-Division: Shornur

Came Into Existence

Thrithala Police Station was start functioning at Thrithala in Palakkad district during the year 1985. The area comprising of Thrithala, Kannanur, Nhangattiri, Mattaya, Mezhathur, Pattithara, Aloor, Mala, Padinjarangadi, Koodallur, Anakkara, Kappur and Kumaranellur decided in the station jurisdiction. Present Police Station is functioning in a disaster management shelter building of Revenue Department. Sufficient land was allotted for the construction of new Police Station building of Thrithala during the year 2014 and the file work is in progress. During the month of March, 2014, Paruthur Panchayath in Pattambi Police Station limit was attached with Thrithala Police Station. Most part of the station jurisdiction is the river bank of the most famous Bharathapuzha .

Jurisdiction Details

Thrithala Station including 5 Panchayath

  • Thrithala
  • Pattithara
  • Anakkar
  • Kappur
  • Parudur
  • Boarder Police Stations

  • East: Pattambi PS
  • West: changaramkulam PS Ponnani
  • North: Pattambi PS
  • South: Chalissery PS
  • Jurisdictional Courts

  • Judicial First Class Magistrate Court, Pattambi
  • Parliament Constituency

  • Ponnani Parliament Constituency
  • Legislative Assembly

  • Thrithala
  • Pattambi
  • Rivers



    Main Projects through the Police Stations

    1.Janmythri Suraksha project:-Janamythri Suraksha Project was start functioning in the police station since 2011. This project is functioning in Thrithala Grama Panchayath of the station which divided into 8 beats. Each beat divided into 8 Beat Officer and Asst. Beat officers under the control of one CRO. This project is successfully going on in the police station.

    2.Women Help Desk:- Women help desk is implemented for helping women and children. This project helped many women and children in hearing their petitions and petitions were disposed in stipulated time which increase the trust in Policing and thus reduced the rate of cruelty against women and children.

    3.Care:- CARE project is implemented for helping old age people for submitting their petitions without any fear and their petitions were disposed in a short period. which increase the trust in Policing and thus reduced the rate of cruelty against old age people. An elder friendly officer is nominated for coordinating these activities.

    4.Clean Campus Safe Campus:-SPG and Clean Campus and Safe Campus project is also introduced in all the Schools in the station limits.

    5.Student Police Cadet Scheme:- Student Police Cadet Scheme is effectively run in Parakkulam Model Residential School & Parudur High school,Parudur.

    Important establishments and institutions

    • Sub Registrar Office, Thrithala
    • Thrithala Block Education Office, Thrithala
    • Water Authority Office, Thrithala
    • P.W.D. Office, Thrithala
    • BSNL Office, Thrithala
    • KSEB Office, Thrithala
    • BRC Centre, Koottanad
    • Govt. Hospital, Thrithala
    • Mezhathur Vaidyamadom, Mezhathur
    • C N S Chikitsalayam, Mezhathur
    • Health Centre, Kumbidi.
    • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Thrithala
    • Govt. Higher secondary School, Mezhathur
    • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Koottanad
    • Govt. Higher Secondary School,Kumaranellur
    • Govt. Higher secondary School, Anakkara
    • Khoghale Higher Secondary School, Anakkara
    • MRS Girls Higher Secondary School, Parakkulam
    • DIET Training Centre, Anakkara
    • Govt. Arts College, Thrithala
    • SBI Kumbidi
    • SBT, Thrithala
    • Canara Bank, Thrithala
    • Federal Bank, Thrithala
    • SBI Padinjarangadi
    • Canara Bank, Anakkara
    • SBI, Padinjarangadi
    • Alur Chamudi Kavu
    • Panniyur Temple
    • Thrithala Siva Temple
    • Thrithala Juma Masjid, Thrithala Nercha
    • Padinjarangadi Juma Masjid
    • SNEHALAYAM-Padinjarangadi
    • Pain and Paliative Care Unit, Kumbidi
    • Thrithla Library
    • Mezhathur Library
    • Parudur Library