Sreekrishnapuram Police Station

0466 296017

Sub-Division: Shornur

Came Into Existence

Sreekrishnapuram PS Opened on 01.01.1973 at Chanthapura near Sreekrishnapuram as per the order No. 1863/72/Home dated 11/12/72. It was started as an outpost of Cherpulasseri Police Station with sanctioned strength of SI -1, HC- 3, PC-13. On 25.01.1982 Sreekrishnapuram PS was shifted to a rented building at Thiruvazhiyode Jn . Presently the station was shifted to a new building on 22-11-14 near Mangalamkunnu petrol pump. as per Extra Ordinary Gazette Vol 4 NO 632 [Rt] 644/2015/home dtd 13.03.2015.

Jurisdiction Details

Sreekrishnapuram Station including 6 Village

  • Vellinezhi
  • Sreekrishnapuram I
  • Sreekrishnapuram II
  • Karimbuzha
  • Kadambazhipuram I
  • Pookottukavu I
  • Boarder Police Stations

  • East: Kongad PS
  • West: Cherplassery PS
  • North: Mannarkkad PS and Nattukal PS
  • South: Ottapalam PS
  • Jurisdictional Courts

  • Hon’ble Judicial First Class Magistrate Court, Ottapalam
  • Hon’ble Muncif Court, Ottapalam
  • Hon’ble Asst. Sessions Court, Ottapalam
  • Hon’ble Family Court, Ottapalam
  • Parliament Constituency

  • Palakkad Parliament Constituency
  • Legislative Assembly

  • Shornur
  • Ottapalam
  • Rivers


    Main Projects through the Police Stations

    1.Janmythri Suraksha project:-Janamaithri Suraksha Project have been successfully implementing in the station area. Which helped for decreasing the crime rate in the area and for the better relationship with the common public. Janamaithri Suraksha Project implemented on 01.03.2013., two Janamaithri beats are sent in two wards in Sreekrishnapuram Grama Panjayat and One tribal beat in the Palamala ST Colony. 1 CRO, 3 Beat Officers and 3 Asst beat officers are detailed for Janamaithri Suraksha project.

    2.Women Help Desk:- Women help desk is implemented for helping women and children. This project helped many women and children in hearing their petitions and petitions were disposed in stipulated time which increase the trust in Policing and thus reduced the rate of cruelty against women and children.

    3.Care:- CARE project is implemented for helping old age people for submitting their petitions without any fear and their petitions were disposed in a short period. which increase the trust in Policing and thus reduced the rate of cruelty against old age people. An elder friendly officer is nominated for coordinating these activities.

    4.Clean Campus Safe Campus:- Clean Campus Safe Campus projects is implemented in various schools by including prominent persons, School authorities, Auto-Taxi drivers, Merchants, PTA, Students as a group for cracking down on drugs and tobacco products near schools, and for a tobacco free campus and to direct the students through better way.

    5.SPC- At karimpuzha HSS

    Important establishments and institutions

    • Sub Treasury, Sreekrishnapuram
    • Post Office, Thiruvazhiyode
    • Post Office, Sreekrishnapuram
    • Post Office, Kadampazhipuram
    • Post Office, Kottapuram
    • Post Office, Kalluvazhi
    • Block Panchayat Office, Sreekrishnapuram
    • Grama Panchayat Office, Sreekrishnapuram
    • Grama Panchayat Office, Karimpuzha
    • Grama Panchayat Office, Pookkottukavu
    • Village Office SK-Puram I
    • Village Office SK-Puram II
    • Village Office K-Puram
    • Village Office Karimpuzha
    • KSEB, SK-Puram
    • KSEB, Kadampazhipuram
    • KSBC, SK-Puram
    • KSFE, SK-Puram
    • BSNL SK-Puram
    • BSNL Kadampazhipuram
    • SC/ST Centre, SK-Pursm
    • PHC, Kadampazhipuram
    • PHC, SK-Puram
    • PHC, Kottapuram
    • PHC, Thirunarayanpuram
    • PHC, Kalluvazhi
    • Vettinary Hospital, SK-Puram
    • Sandhayaram Hospital, Kadamazhipuram
    • Sreekrishnapuram Hospital
    • VTB College
    • ALP School Attassery
    • AMLP School Attassery
    • AMLP School Kulikkiliyad
    • Saraswathy Vilasam AUP School Kulikkilyad
    • GLP School Kulikkilyad
    • Karimpuzha HSS Thottara
    • AMLP School Thottara
    • AUP School Karimpuzha
    • Christuraja LP School Kulakattukurissi
    • AKNMMAM HSS Kattukulam
    • GLP School Thanikunnu
    • GUP School Katampazhipuram
    • HS Katampazhipuram
    • ALPS Thalayanakadu
    • ALPS Vettekara
    • Balabodhini ALPS Alangad
    • ALP S Pullundassery
    • ALPS Palari, Alangad
    • ALPS Valambilimangalam
    • ALPS Perumangode
    • HSS Sreekrishnapuram
    • Sree ram Jayam LP School Eswaramangalam
    • AUP School Sreekrishnapuram
    • Balabodhini ALP S Thottara
    • AUPS Thirunarayanapuram
    • ALPS Kuruvattur
    • Mahathma AUPS Thiruvazhiyode
    • ALPS Mangalamkunnu
    • ALPS Kinassery
    • ALPS Kalluvazhi
    • ALPS Pookottukavu
    • SBI Katampazhipuram
    • SBI Karimpuzha
    • Canara Bank, SK-Puram
    • Canara Bank, Thiruvazhiyode
    • Canara Bank, Kalluvazhi
    • Federal Bank, Kadampazhipuram
    • Co-Operative Multi-Purpose Bank, Kadampazhipuram
    • Co-Operative Bank, Karimpuzha
    • Co-Operative Bank, Pookkottukavu
    • Agriculture Development Bank, Pookkottukavu
    • Co-Operative Bank, SK-Puram
    • Pariyanampatta Temple, Mangalamkunnu
    • Vayillamkunnu Temple, Kadambzhipuram
    • Eswaramangalam Ganapathi Temple.
    • Palathara Kavu, Kadambazhipurzm
    • Punnamparambu Temple, Mannampatta
    • Puzhiyamparambu Temble, Mannampatta
    • Uthralikavu Temple, Thirunarayanapuram
    • Thirupuraykkal Thiruvazhiyode
    • Sree Rama Temple Karimpuzha
    • Brahmiswaram Temple Karimpuzha
    • Kalikavu, Pookaottukavu
    • Annapoorneswari Temple Aattassery
    • Thiruvalayanadu Kottappuram
    • St. Joseph Church Kadampazhipuram
    • St Francis Assissi Church, Kadampur
    • Christian Church Kavunda
    • Christian Church Sreekrishnapuram
    • Juma Majid, Kadambazhipuram
    • Juma Majid, Aattassery
    • Juma Majid,KOttappuram
    • Juma Majid, Sreekrishnapuram
    • Pain & Paliaetive Care, Kadampazhipuram.
    • Sahaja Old Age Home, Mangalamkunnu
    • Malapuram Krishnankutty memorial, Public Library, Thiruvazhiyode
    • Public Library, Sreekrishnapuram