Sholayur Police Station

04924 209007

Sub-Division: Agali

Came Into Existence

This police station started at muthikulam on 07/08/1976 and then it was transferred to Sholayur as on 01/08/1987 and the new building was constructed in the year and the new era of the police station the new building started on 16/12/1989 inaugrated by Sri. T. Sivadasamenon (The Hon’ble Minister for Rural Development and Electricity) Presided by Sri.Kalladi Muhammed MLA situated as area of 01acre and 30 cents.The Govt.of Kerala declaired that building No. VIII/38(A) in Sholayur Panchayath situated in survey No.1431/C of Sholayur village, Mannarkkad Taluk in Palakkad Dt.Shall be a police station known as Sholayur Police Station. This notification came in to force with effect 04/11/1989

Jurisdiction Details

Sholayur Police Station including 1 Panchayath

  • Sholayur

Boarder Police Stations

  • East - Boarder of Thudiyaloor & Alanthurai police Station
  • West - Agali Police Station
  • South - Kalladikkode Police Station
  • North - Boarder of Agali & Karamada Police Station

Jurisdictional Courts

  • Judicial First Class Magistrate Court Mannarkkad

Parliament Constituency

  • Palakkad Parliament Constituency

Legislative Assembly

  • Mannarkkad Legislative Assembly

Main Projects through the Police Stations

Janmythri Suraksha project:-Janamaitrhi project started on 03.03. 2012.There are eight beats in Sholayur police station limit. There are 49 Adhivasi colony under Sholayur police station limit.

Care:- An elder friendly Officer is giving aid to senior citizens in the station limit.

Clean Campus Safe Campus:- To reduce the criminal mentality of the students. We also made School Protection Group Project. Started clean campus safe campus project on ten schools under Sholayur police station limit

Student Police Cadet Scheme:- Student Police Cadet Scheme is effectively run in GTHS Sholayur.

Important establishments and institutions

  • Panchayath Office,Anakkatti
  • Krishi Bhavan Anakkatti
  • Tribel Extension Office, Anakatti
  • Primary Health Centre Sholayur
  • Govt.Ayurvedha Hospital,Anakkatti
  • Sub Centre ,Vattalakki
  • G.T.H.S.Sholayur
  • G.L.P.School Kottamala
  • G.U.P.S.Kottathara
  • G.T.U.P.S. Mattathukad
  • G.T.L.P.S Mattathukad
  • Govt.Tribal L.P School
  • Aries Poly Technic College,Mattathukad
  • Govt ITI Mattathukad