Malampuzha Police Station


Sub-Division: Palakkad

Came Into Existence

Before 1973, there was a Out Post namely Malampuzha out post under the control of Palakkad Town Circle. Then Malampuzha out post was upgraded as Malampuzha Police Station on 23-03-1973.

The Police station situated at Malampuzha I T I and 2 KM South East of Malampuzha Garden, 9 KM away from Palakkad Municipal Bus stand, 7 KM away from Olavakkode Junction and 7 KM away from Kinar Junction, Kanjikkode. Jurisdiction of the Police Station is total 40.07 Square Miles

Jurisdiction Details

Malampuzha Police Station includes 2 Panchayath namely, Malampuzha Panchayath and 10 ward of Marutharoad Pachayath.

Boarder Police Stations

  • North : Agali PS
  • South :Town North & Kasaba PS
  • East : Kasaba PS
  • West : Hemambikanagar PS.

Courts having Jurisdiction

  • Judicial First Class Magistrate Court No III, Palakkad
  • Asst. Sessions Court, Palakkad
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate Court, Palakkad
  • Dist and Session Court, Palakkad

Parliament Constituency

  • Palakkad

Legislative Assembly

  • Malampuzha

Important Places and Rivers

Malampuzha Dam

Highest Irrigation Project in Kerala.The dam was constructed in record time, and on October 9th 1955, the then Chief Minister of Madras, Sri. K Kamaraj, inaugurated the dam. There is a network of two canal systems that serve the dam's reservoir of 42,090 hectares. The canal systems serve to irrigate farm land while the reservoir provides drinking water for Palakkad Municipality and 6 adjacent Panchayaths.

Malampuzha Garden


Korayar River

Multipurpose Schemes & Project of the Station

Women Desk and Reception:To assist the women and children visitors

Trourism Police:For safety of Tourists and control the Law and Order issues and acts as a Guide to Tourist.

Important Establishments And Institutions

  • Grama Panchayath Office, Malampuzha
  •  Office of the Asst. Exe. Engineer, Agricultural Department, Malampuzha
  • Sub Post office, Malampuzha
  • Office of the Asst. Engineer, Store Section, Malampuzha
  • Office of the Inspector , Fisheries Department, Malampuzha
  • Malampuzha Village NO I Office, Manthekkad
  • Office of the Mechanical Exe. Engineer, Mechanical Division, Malampuzha
  • Office of the Asst. Exe. Engineer, Modernization Sub Division, Malampuzha
  • Asst. Engineer. H E P Sub Division, Malampuzha
  • Office of the Asst. Engineer, PWD Electrical Section, Malampuzha
  • Asst. Engineer, Dam Section Malampuzha
  • Office of the Asst. Works Manager, PWD Workshop Section, Malampuzha
  • Office of the Works Manager, PWD workshop Sub division, Malampuzha
  • Office of the Asst. Engineer Carps Building Section, Malampuzha
  • Office of the Agricultural Officer, Krishi Bhavan, Malampuzha
  • Office of the Asst. Engineer, PWSS Filter Plant, Malampuzha
  • Office of the Asst. Manager, Kerala Forest, Development, Corporation, Sub Unit, Malampuzha
  • Asst. Engineer, KSEB, Malampuzha- Phone 04912815144
  • Animal Husbandry Training Centre, Malampuzha
  • Primary Health Centre, Malampuzha- 0491 2815333
  •   Madom Hospital, Malampuzha- 0491 2815160
  • Manomithra Hospital, Malampuzha-0491-2531343
  • Primary Health Centre, Anakkal, Malampuzha-
  • Ayurveda Hospital, Anakkala,.Malampuzha
  • Primary Health Centre, Kottekkad
  • Ayurveda Hospital, Anappara
  • Holy Family L P School, Akamalavaram, Malampuzha. Phone 04912811312
  • St.Judu’s English Medium School, Malampuzha. Phone
  • AmrithaVidlaya, Venoli Road, Kottekkad
  • V K M U P School, Kalippara. 9946443811,
  • RATT Centre
  • Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School, Malampuzha. Phone 04912815283
  • Javahar, Navodaya Vidlaya, Malampuzha. Phone 04912815157
  • Govt. Tribal Welfare High School, Anakkal. Phone 04912811081
  • Govt. L P School, Kadukkamkunnam. Phone 04912553396
  • SI MET C ollege of Nursing, Malampuzha. Phone 04912815333
  • Ashram High School, Malampuzha. Phone 04912815894
  • I H R D Science Applied College, Kallepully
  • Govt. L P School, Padalikkad- 9656154702, 04912815021
  • Govt. L P School, Kottekkad- 9496234987
  • I T I For boys, Malampuzha. Phone 04912815161
  • I T I for Girls, Malampuzha
  • Girivikas, Malampuzha
  • P A M M U P School, Kallepully. 9249747474,
  • Muthoot Fin Corp., Malampuzha
  • Canara Bank, Manthekkad
  • Service Co-operative Bank, Kadukkamkunnam
  • Punjab National Bank, Kottekkad
  • Co-operative Bank, Kallepully
  • HemambikaBhagathi Temple, Malampuzha
  • EmoorBhagavathi Temple
  • VanaDurgha Temple, Cherad
  • MullakkalBhagavathi Temple, Kadukkamkunnam
  • Shiva Temple, Kadukkamkunnam
  • ChammankkadBhagavathi Temple, VenoliRaod, Kottekkad
  • ThondankulangaraBhagavathi Temple, Kallepully
  • St. Jude Church, Malampuzha
  • St. Thomas Church, South Malampuzha
  • Sebatian Church, Akamalavaram
  • St. Joseph Church, Anakkal
  • St. Mary’s Church, Pullamkunnu
  • MarthomaGregorius Church, Cherad
  • St. George Church, Anakkal
  • St. Mary’s Church, Pookundu
  • Juma Masjid, Manthekkad
  • JumaMasjid Anakkal