Kottayi Police Station

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Sub-Division: Alathur

Came Into Existence

The station started at perungottukurussi, Alathur Taluk, Palakkad district as Perungottukurussi Police Station on 16.01.1994 as per vide GO(Rt) No. 1385/92 dated 19.03.1992, DPO Ref No. A3-45647/86 P dated 23.04.1992 in rented building ( Perungottukurussi village survey No. 14/A-5, Perungottukurussi Panchayath building No. 351/4.

Then as per the order of Kerala Home Department No. GO(Rt) No. 3908/98/Home dated 09.09.1998 the Perungottukurussi Police Station was renamed as Kottayi Police Station.

Jurisdiction Details

Kottayi Police Station consists of 4 Panchayaths namely, Kottayi, Peruigottukurussi, some parts of Mathur( 8 wards) and Kuthanur( 4 wards)

Boarder Police Stations

  • North : Mankara PS
  • South : Alathur PS
  • East : Town North PS and Kuzhalmannam PS
  • West : Ottapalam PS and Pazhayannur PS Thrissur District.

Courts having Jurisdiction

  • Judicial First Class Magistrate Court I Palakkad
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate Court Palakkad

Parliament Constituency

  • Alathur & Palakkad,8 Wards of Mathur Panchayath

Legislative Assembly

  • Tharur & Palakkad,8 Wards of Mathur Panchayath

Important Places and Rivers

Famous river Bharathpuzha also known as the River Nila, it is the second-longest river in Kerala flow through the boarder of Kottayi Police Station limits.

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary

It is one of the most of advantaged wildlife affluence in Kerala. The Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary is situated in Perungottukurussi Panchayath about 30 km from Palakkad town. Sprawling over 500 hectares of blubbery forest, this altar is a home to about 250 peacocks. There are over 100 assorted breed of avifauna in the Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary. The Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary is advanced over 485 hectares of forests land from the villages of Peringottukurissi, Chulannur and Tharur in Palakkad district and the Thiruvilwamala-1 viallge in Thrissur district.

How to Reach

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary is amid at about 30 kilometers from Palakkad town

Multipurpose Schemes & Project of the Station

  • Student Police Cadet Project at Kottayi High School
  • ICT Enabled Citizen Help Desk
  • Women Help Desk
  • Senior Citizen Help Desk ( CARE Project)
  • Clean Campus Safe Campus
  • School Protection Group

Important establishments and institutions

  • Kottayi I
  • Kottayi II
  • Perungottukurussi I
  • Perungottukurussi II
  • Mathur I
  • Mathur II
  • Kuthanur II
    • Govt. Hospital, Kottayi
    • Govt. Hospital, Perungottukurussi
    • Govt. Hospital, Mathur
    • Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Kottayi
    • Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Mathur
    • Govt. Homeo Hospital, Kottayi
    • Charvakam Hospital, Kottayi
    • Tholanur Govt. Higher Secondary School
    • Perungottukurussi, Govt. Higher Secondary School
    • CFD Higher Secondary School, Vettikkad, Mathur
    • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kottayi
    • Bammanur High School, Paruthipully
    • IHRD College, Kottayi
    • SBI Kottayi
    • Syndicate Bank, Kottayi
    • District Co-op. Bank, Kottayi
    • Co-Op. Banks - Kottayi, Tholanur, Kariankode
    • Co-Op. Banks - Perungottukurussi
    • Punjab National Bank, Perungottukurussi
    • Federal Bank, Chungamannam
    • South Indian Banks - Kottayi and Tholanur
    • Kandathar Bhagavathy Temple
    • Mannampully Temple, Mathur
    • Cherankulangara Temple, Bammanur
    • Anikkode Kavil Bhagavathy Temple
    • Tholanur
    • Pulinelly Anchumoorthy Temple
    • Tholanur Ammathiruvadi Temple
    • Paruthipully, Poothiri Bhagavathy temple
    • St. Antony‚Äôs Church, Kottachanda
    • Pilapully Juma Masjid, Pilapully, Perungottukurussi
    • Anikkode Juma Masjid, Anikkode
    • Kottayi Juma Masjid
    • Tholanur Juma Masjid
    • Keezhathur Juma Masjid, Keezhathur Kottayi