Kuzhalmannam Police station

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Sub-Division: Alathur

Came Into Existence

During the year 1968, Kuzhalmannam Police station has been started its functioning at Kuzhalmannam. A new building has been provided for functioning of Kuzhalmannam Police station in the 6th ward of Kuzhalmannam Panchayath as on 24.03.1985. At present Kuzhalmannam Police Station is functioning in a rented building at Kuzhalmannam old Chandapura junction within Alathur Taluk and Kuzhalmannam Village from june 2013.

Jurisdiction Details

The area of Kuzhalmannam Police Station was Thachankad, Mathur, Kuzhalmannam, Kuthanur, Chenganiyur, Pallanchathanur, Kannanur, Thenkurissi, Kalappetty, Perumkunnam, Vilayannur ,Vilayanchathanur and Chithali.

Boarder Police Stations

  • North : Town South PS
  • South : Alathur PS
  • East : Pudunagaram PS
  • West : Kottayi PS.

Jurisdictional Courts

  • Judicial First Class Magistrate Court, Palakkad
  • Sub Disional Magistrate Court, Palakkad
  • SC/ST Special Court Mannarkkad

Parliament Constituency

  • Palakkad, Alathur

Legislative Assembly

  • Alathur, Tarur and Palakkad

Main Projects through the Police Stations

Janamaithry Suraksha Project :-With a view to reduce anti-social activities and crimes in station limit, janamaithry beats are effectively marching by dividing the area into 8 beats in Kuzhalmannam Panchayath People are well co-operated with this project and also giving vital informations about crimes in such a way beat police personnel are gathering intelligence for better implementation of law and order. Janamaithry policing are effectively make part of the good standard of life of local public and giving police assistance to each and every beat area.

Women Help Desk :-Women Help Desk is effectively functioning in Kuzhalmannam police station with a view to give better assistance to the women and children those who are approaching police station for various purposes.

CARE :-For rendering better aid to the elders and lonely living persons, care project is effectively implemented at Kuzhalmannam Police station under the leadership of one officer and giving care and aid to the senior citizens and senior citizens those who are living alone.

Clean Campus Safe Campus :-For leading the students and future generation in to a bright future Clean campus Safe Campus Project has been successfully implemented in the major schools within Kuzhalmannam Police station limit with the participation of PTA, Local public, Drivers and other important persons of the school locality.

Important Establishments And Institutions

  • Kuzhalmannam 1 village office
  • Kuzhalmannam 2 Village office
  • Krishibhavan office Kuzhalmannam
  • Govt. Community health Centre
  • Ayurvedha Hospital
  • Block office Kuzhalmannam
  • Panchayath office Kuzhalmannam
  • Sub-Treasury Kuzhalmannam
  • Kuzhalmannam PWD Office
  • Sub Regitrar office Kuzhalmannam
  • Government ITI, Vellappara
  • Water Authority Kuzhalmannam
  • Veterinary Hospital Kuzhalmannam
  • BRC Center Kalapetty
  • AE office, Kulavanmokku
  • Village office 2 Mathur
  • Kuthanur Panchayath Office
  • Kuthanur village office 1
  • Krishi Bhavan Kuthanur
  • Thenkurisssi 1 Village office
  • Krishi Bhavan Thenkurissi
  • Panchayath office Thenkurissi
  • Excise Office, Kuzhalmannam
  • Thenkurissi PHC
  • Post Office , Kuzhalmannam
  • Post Office, Kuthanur
  • Post Office, Thenkrussi
  • Post Office, Mathur
  • Govt Residential Poly Technic, Pullupara
  •     Community Health Centre, Kuzhalmannam
  •     Alexander Hospital, Kuzhalmannam
  •      PHC, Thenkurissi
  •     Maternity Hospital, Mattukad
  • CAHSS Kuzhalmannam
  • Kuthanur HSS
  • Thenkurissi HSS
  • GWLPS Kalapetty
  • GLPS Perumkunnam
  • GLPS pallanchathanur
  • VVS Vilayanur
  • AJBS Manamkulambu
  • KJBS Kuthanur
  • NJBS Kuthanur
  • AJBS Kuthanur
  • GLPS Thenkurissi
  • JBS Kannanur
  • CDAUPS Olive mount
  • VLNMUPS Vilayanchathanur
  • VMAJBS Nochulli
  • JBUPS Kulavanmokku
  • JBS Malanchitti
  • GHS, Kulavanmokku
  • Bhavans School, Chithali
  •    State Bank of India, Kuzhalmannam
  •     Union Bank, Kuzhalmannam
  •      South Malabar Gramin Bank, Kuzhalmannam
  •     District Co-operative Bank, Kuzhalmannam
  •     Service Co-op Bank, Kuzhalmanna
  •      Canara Bank, Thenkurissi
  •      Punjab National Bank, Kuthanur
  • Kalimuthi Bhagavathy Temple, Kulavanmokku
  • Tholani Bhagavathy Temple, Kuthanur
  • Azhakoth Mahadeva Temple, Kulavanmokku
  • Kolliyam Bhagavathy Temple, Kalappetty
  • Vilayannur Bhagavathy Temple
  • Olive Mount Ebenizer Syrian Church, Kuzhalmannam
  • Theruvathu Palli, Pallanchathanur
  • Vilayanchathanur Mosque
  • Kuthanur Mosque
  • Kuzhalmannam Mosque