Alathur Police Station

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Sub-Division: Alathur

Came Into Existence

Alathur Police Station who established in 1953. near Taluk office at Alathur Palakkad Dist. The jurisdiction comes places from Alathur,Erimayur,Melarcode, Kavasserry, Tharur Panchayaths and Two wards of Thenkurrissi Panchayath.The first SHO is SI V.C.Aboobackor and CI of Police Alathur was KK.Muhammad Unni.

The present building started functioning on 15.02.1977. The station compound is surrounded by Taluk office, Sub.jail,Community Healthcentre,Munsif and Majistrate court etc. Eight well established Janamaithri Beats are functioning under the guidance of Inspector of Police.

Jurisdiction Details

Alathur Police Station including 6 Panchayath namely, Alathur, Erimayur, Kavasserry, Tarur, Melarcode and some parts of Thenkurissi (wardXI, XIII, XIV.)

Boarder Police Stations

  • North : Kuzhalmannam and Kottayi PS
  • South : Nemmara and Vadakkenchery PS
  • East : Pudunagaram and Kollengode PS
  • West : Vadakkenchery PS and Pazhayannur PS Thrissur Dist.

Jurisdictional Courts

  • Judicial First Class Magistrate Court Alathur
  • Muncif Court Alathur

Parliament Constituency

  • Alathur

Legislative Assembly

  • Alathur,Tharur and Nemmara

Historically Important Places and Rivers

First and fore most one is Brahmananda Swamy Sivayogi (1852-1929) and Sidhasramam. He had been spent his life to liberate the public from blind belief and idol worship. For the time being Sidhasramam is functioning smoothly. Second one is Veezhumala. A legend history behind the Veezhumala is Lord Hanuman while passing with maruthuvamala, one part is broken from Maruthuvamala, and fell down and formed Veezhumala. One Ayappa temple is on the top of Veezhumala and check dam on the bottom are main speciality of the Veezhumala for the time being. Occasionally students are choosing Veezhumala for trekking purpose.



This is an important Land mark of Alathur and is referred with reverence and respect only. This hillock is believed to be a part of the SANJEEVANI MOUNTAIN, that fell off the hands of Lord Hanuman while he flew past this area; thus the name Vizhu mala( the mountain that fell).

Elders living in this area are of the opinion, this hillock has very unique and precious herbs as being the part of Sanjaeevani Mountain ( Mountain of Herbs). They even say if roots are used of the herbs fetched from other parts, shoots of the herb has to be used of the herb fetched from this place as the mountain fell upside down. Only qualified Ayurvedic Acharyas could vouchsafe this.


The main rivers Gayathri, Mangalam & tributary canals are passing through this limit. Rainy season is the main water harvest, bunds in these rivers are the main drinking water projects. People mostly cultivate paddy, coconut, plantations of rubber,arecanut etc.

Multipurpose Schemes & Project of the Station

Various Schemes and Projects of the Government as free services has been implied with perfection and responds.

Janamaithri Suraksha Project


It aims to reduce the crimes and criminalas with Co-Operation of publics. During 2010 onwards Janamaithri Suraksha project is implemented at Alathur PS and it is very effectively performed and achieved good results day by day. 16 wards of Alathur panchayath is divided in to 8 beats each containing a beat officer and assistant beat officer is supervised by community relation officer.

Clean Campus Safe Campus

Students of the schools in the limit as well as school staffs, merchants, drivers, Importamt citizens are included to make a clean campus safe campus project and school protection group. This project is launched to counsiling students from criminal activities and disorders and to develop their mental status. This project is running in a good level. Aims of this movement to make awareness against drugs misuse of information technology, Mobile phones, Alchaholic bevarages and their addiction, also to create traffic awareness and road safety.


Senior citizen desk is functioning as per the CARE Project in the supervision of a elder friendly officer. Conducting seminar, meetings, medical camp, free fooding, legal assistance etc. for the needful.

Women Help Desk

Women desk is operated for helping women complainant and a good reception system also.

Important Establishments And Institutions

  • A.E.O. Office Alathur Bus Stand Building,
  • Block Office,Arangattuparambu, Alathur
  • BSNL Exchange, , Main Road Alathur
  • BSNL Office,Near Busstand Alathur
  • Central Income Tax Office,Alathur
  • Dairy Development Training Center,Vanoor,Alathur
  • Employment Exchange,Old Bus Stand ,Alathur,
  • Excise Range Office,Pulikkode, Alathur
  • Irrigation Office , Near TB Alathur
  • JRTO Office,T.B.Road, Alathur
  • K.W.A Office,Behind Panchayath Office Alathur
  • KSEB Near Swathy Jn. Alathur
  • Labour Office,Main Road,Alathur
  • Mini Civil Station Swathy Jn.Alathur
  • PWD Alathur, Near TB Alathur
  • Sub Divisional Forest Office, Ayinampadam ,Nemmara,
  • Taluk Office,SubTreasury,SubRegistrar Office,Subjail,Near Police Station,Alathur
  • Taluk Supply Office,Alathur Bus Stand Building
  • VFPCK, Kindimukku,Alathur
  • WareHouse,Thrippalur
  • Alathur Maternity & Children hospital ,Nedukanni,Alathur
  • Crescent Hospital,Alathur
  • Govt.Ayurveda Hospital,Alathur
  • Govt.Homeo Hospital,Alathur
  • Manoj Nursing Home ,TB Road,Alathur
  • Sree Narayana Ayurveda Chikitsalayam,Chittilancherry
  • T.H.Q. Hospital,Alathur
  • Trinity Eye Hospital,Alathur
  • A.S.M.M.H.S.S Alathur
  • B.S.S.G.H.S.S Alathur
  • Co Operative College, Alathur
  • G.G.H.S.S. Alathur
  • G.H.S.S Kunissery
  • G.H.S.S.Erimayur
  • K.V.P.H.S.S. Kavassery
  • M.N.K.M.H.S.S. Chittilancherry
  • S.M.M.H.S.S.Pazhampalacode
  • Sree Narayana College,Erattakkulam,Alathur
  • Canara Bank,near Old Bus Stand,Alathur
  • DhanalakshmiBank bank road Alathur
  • Federal Bank Court road Alathur
  • HDFC,court road Alathur
  • SBI Moochikkad, Alathur
  • SBT, near New Bus Stand,Alathur
  • Cherunetturi Temple, Chittilamchery
  • Mangottukavu, Athipotta
  • Panikkanarkavu, Padur
  • Parakattukavu,Kavassery
  • Perinkulam Agraharam
  • Pookulangarakavu, Kunissery
  • Puthukulangarakavu, Swathy Jn. Alathur
  • Siva Temple, Thrippallur
  • Vettakkorumakan Temple, Erimayur
  • Japamalarani Church, Ayinampadam, Nemmara
  • Little Flower Church, Swathy Jn. Alathur
  • Cheenikode Palli, Melarcode
  • Erottupalli, Erimayur
  • Jamath Islami, Alathur Town
  • Old masjids, Alathur
  • Puzhakkal Palli, Vavulliapuram
  • Tharur Palli